Panels & OSB

Woods Journey offers wood-based structural panels such as plywood and Oriented Strand Board (OSB). These materials are widely used in residential and commercial buildings.

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Canada is the single largest exporter of Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp (NBSK), the industry’s benchmark grade for pulp. At Woods Journey we source pulp from local softwood species from sustainably managed forests. Our NBSK is known for its strength and functional advantage, enabling its usage in a variety of applications. Compared to other pulp varieties such as Southern Bleached Kraft (SBK) and Bleached Hardwood Kraft (BHK), Canadian NBSK provides superior strength during tissue manufacturing and superior softness in the end product. Due to climatic conditions, Canadian forest species naturally develop long, slender and thin walled fiber. These fiber properties result in pulp that has excellent tensile strength properties, offering sheet dimensional stability.