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Woods Journey was formed by a group of prominent Canadian Investors and wood product processors. Since inception, Woods Journey has established presence in the global marketplace as a supplier of premium forest products. Our head office located in Toronto, Canada, provides us with the flexibility to source forestry products from British Columbia and Quebec.

Our vision is to support your business growth by “providing the Canadian Forest”. As such, we source our products only from industry stakeholders that have met our strict quality standards to ensure the products you receive will always arrive on time, and will always have consistent quality. Further, our suppliers are required to meet sustainability mandates and Canadian forestry regulation.

What differentiates us from our competitors is that we are able to offer services on a personalized level to ensure each shipment of product is customized to your needs. Our relationship with our global customers and suppliers is a testament to our service excellence. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the industry and is readily available to meet and discuss all your business needs.

Woods Journey sources its wood products from the Canadian forest, which is unmatched globally with respect to diversity and richness. We offer more than 40 different species that are native to the Canadian forest, including soft wood and coniferous wood such as the Western Hemlock, Red Cedar, Spruce, Pine, and Douglas-fir.


Woods journey has exclusive agreements with some of the largest manufacturers and processors of logs and timber products to supply the Middle East and regions in Asia. Read More

Softwood Lumber

The softwood lumber industry plays an important role in the overall Canadian economy. As such, the government enforces strict regulation on sustainability and responsible harvesting. Read More

Newsprint & Paper

Our newsprint is primarily produced from virgin pine and spruce fiber, giving it superior uniformity and runability suitable for multi-color printing for newspaper, inserts, and flyers. Read More


At Woods Journey we source pulp from local softwood species from sustainably managed forests. Read More

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are a form of fuel source with low moisture content. The pellets can be readily burned in modern heating appliances. Read More

Panels & OSB

Woods Journey offers wood-based structural panels such as plywood and Oriented Strand Board (OSB). Read More


Our 4 cornerstone commitments

Reliability – Establish long-term relationships with both customers and partners by providing quality products and solutions through personalized services. Woods Journey will always put our customers’ and partners’ needs before ours and will be right alongside for the entire process.

Integrity – Woods Journey will buy and sell with integrity, providing maximum value to both our customers and suppliers. Our reputation in the industry allows us to source wood products with the highest quality for a competitive price.

Sustainability – All local partners are required to adhere to Canadian regulations that mandate the sustainable harvest of the Canadian forest.

Resourcefulness – Woods Journey’s aim is to be the one-stop destination for both buyers and sellers of Canadian lumber. Our broad range of product offering and strategic partnership with local suppliers ensure we will always have the products available whenever needed

All of our service representatives have rich industry expertise and they are readily available to discuss how we can solve your business needs.

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